Emoji Lock Screen Apk


Lock screen by pattern or passcode (keypad) with many emoji or smiley, very interesting Emoji Lock Screen Apk
Change your default lock screen with emoji lock screen and increase your privacy security with smiley.
This have two type lock: lock screen pattern and lock screen passcode with many emoji


– It have beautiful design for easy to use.
– Easy to customize your lock screen
– Fast, simple, easy to use and very beautiful
– Create pattern for lock screen
– Secure with pattern, unlimited length pattern
– Create password (keypad) for lock screen
– Set Pin Lock, Pattern Lock etc.
– Change background of lock screen with many beautiful wallpapers
– A lot of beautiful wallpapers
– Set emoji on keypad buttons, have many emoji for you choose
– Add text to lock screen, eg: \”my love\”, \”i love you\”, \”never give up\” … Change color text
– Personalize your lock screen
– Less memory and battery usage. It is quick and smart
– Support phone, tablet devices.
– Don’t error Home button

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Very nice, fast, simple, easy to use.
This app have features: lock screenturn off screen by shortcut and change wallpaper (lock screen and home screen).

Create lock patterns to protect your phone
This app help generate security patterns.
★ Fast, simple, smooth, easy to use
★ A lot of beautiful wallpapers to choose Emoji Lock Screen Apk
★ Allows to use wallpaper from Your gallery
★ Can create patterns with any length
★ Ask user confirm the pattern before apply

Create shortcut or icon for screen off and lock
★ Create shortcut or icon for screen off and lock
★ Useful when power button deranged, hard to press or if you want protect power button

Update wallpaper for home screen

How to use lock screen:
1. select “enable lock screen” (line 1).
2. create pattern.
3. confirm pattern.

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1. select “tunrn off screen” (line 2)
2. accept (or activate) requested
3. application will created shortcut (icon) screen off to home screen
final: use shortcut to scren off and lock Emoji Lock Screen Apk



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