How to call a blocked number in india

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How to call a blocked number in india

How To Make A Call for Blocked Number In today’s interconnected world, communication plays a vital role in our personal and professional lives.

However, there are situations where we may encounter blocked numbers, hindering effective communication. If you find yourself needing to call a blocked number from your Android mobile device, this essay will guide you through various methods to unmask those unknown callers.

How to call blocked numbers?

Use *67 or #31# to Hide Your Caller ID: When you make a call from your Android device, you can prevent your number from being displayed on the recipient’s phone by using the *67 or #31# prefix before dialing the desired number. This allows you to temporarily block your caller ID, potentially bypassing the restrictions placed on blocked numbers.

Third-Party Caller ID Unmasking Apps: There are several third-party apps available on the Google Play Store that can help unmask blocked numbers. These apps leverage extensive databases and community-driven information to reveal the identity behind blocked or unknown callers. Examples of such apps include TrapCall, Truecaller, and Hiya. Install a reputable app of your choice, follow the provided instructions, and explore the options available to unblock hidden numbers.

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Call from a Different Phone: If you are unable to unmask a blocked number directly from your Android mobile device, you can try calling the number from a different phone. Use a landline or borrow a friend’s smartphone to make the call. By utilizing an alternative device, the blocked caller’s restrictions may not apply, potentially revealing their identity.

How to call a blocked number in india

Contact Your Service Provider: If all else fails, contacting your service provider directly can be a viable option. They may have the necessary tools and resources to identify the blocked caller or assist you in unmasking the number. Reach out to your mobile service provider’s customer support and explain the situation, providing any relevant details. They will guide you through the necessary steps or take appropriate action on your behalf.

Legal Considerations and Privacy: While it can be frustrating to receive calls from blocked numbers, it is essential to respect legal and ethical boundaries when attempting to unmask them. Ensure that you are following applicable laws and regulations related to privacy and communication in your jurisdiction. Unmasking a blocked number should only be done for legitimate reasons and with proper authorization How To Make A Call for Blocked Number.

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There are several Android apps available for making calls to India. Here are a few popular options:

  1. JioCall: JioCall is an app provided by Reliance Jio, one of the major telecom operators in India. It allows Jio users to make HD voice and video calls to any mobile or landline number in India.
  2. Airtel Thanks: Airtel Thanks is an app offered by Airtel, another leading telecom operator in India. It allows Airtel users to make voice and video calls, send messages, and enjoy various other services.
  3. Vodafone-Idea Vi app: Vodafone-Idea Vi app is the official app for Vodafone and Idea users in India. It provides features like voice and video calling, messaging, and bill payment services.
  4. Skype: Skype is a widely used communication platform that offers voice and video calling features. It allows users to make calls to landlines and mobiles in India at affordable rates.
  5. Google Duo: Google Duo is a simple and intuitive app for making high-quality video calls. It is available for both Android and iOS devices and supports calls to India and other countries.
  6. WhatsApp: While primarily known as a messaging app, WhatsApp also offers voice and video calling features. It is a popular choice in India, allowing users to make free calls to other WhatsApp users.
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Remember to check the specific features, call rates, and data requirements of each app before making calls to India. Additionally, consider factors like internet connectivity and the availability of the app for your specific region How To Make A Call for Blocked Number.


While the blocking feature on Android mobile devices helps maintain privacy, there may be instances where you need to unmask a blocked number. By using techniques such as hiding your caller ID, utilizing third-party apps, or contacting your service provider, you can increase your chances of identifying unknown callers. However, it is crucial to consider legal and ethical considerations when attempting to unmask blocked numbers and use these methods responsibly.


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