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Hi guys welcome back today we will talk about one of the best topic for all how to read deleted message

from WhatsApp so many persons are asking in my YouTube channel LED NOIFICATION ICON ANDROID.

so many persons are contact me on my WhatsApp please make a post on regarding this issues

I will tell you one by one each and everything how to recover your deleted WhatsApp messages so let’s start


I will provide you an application in end of this page with just click and download that application otherwise

you go to place to answer sheet notification you will get so many result in that result LED NOIFICATION ICON ANDROID

adjust click that first application and download installed application that to open it and give the all permissions.


The main feature of this application is to recover deleted messages like suppose your friends someone send some

messages they deleted for everyone for you and both mobiles that message has been deleted

because you have this application means you can easily find out which message you are friend has been deleted can easily see what is the exact messages how many messages you can 20 litre is very easy way to read deleted messages from WhatsApp.


there is no any problem at all you just download and install the application after the open that you will follow all the permissions to your mobile what is the permission has been given which application

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you need which messages you won’t like WhatsApp Facebook Instagram which messages you want you just selected after that

I just come to home suppose your friend has been sending some messages LED NOIFICATION ICON ANDROID

he deleted everything on the mobile in your WhatsApp also is written but in the inside the application is not deleted

so he can directly go to your application and see which message has been deleted from your front side

I can easily find out about the deleted messages it is a one of the best way to read all the data messages from WhatsApp.

For advanced settings, consider upgrading to the Premium version, which offers additional customization options like modifying LED size

Remember, the app’s functionality may vary depending on your device’s operating system and version

Upcoming updates

The led Notification app, developed by XanderApps, is a notification LED application for Android devices that allows users to customize their LED notification light.

It offers features such as selecting which apps to receive notifications from, customizing LED colors, animation time, position, and size, and displaying the charging indicator.

The app is free and lightweight, working on Android 9.0 or above, with a premium version available for additional features. Users need to disable ambient display and battery optimization, and grant notification access permission to start using the app.

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The app has been praised for being a game-changer, especially for devices lacking a dedicated LED notification light. However, concerns about screen burn-in have been raised due to the app’s nature of keeping the notification dot in the same place for an extended time. A setting to randomize the dot’s position is available to prevent burn-in.

New features

The latest version of the led Notification  app, version 2.2, offers several new features and improvements for Android users. These enhancements include the ability to customize the LED animation time, LED colors, LED position, and LED size, with the premium version unlocking all features.

The app also includes a missed call notification feature and the option to add downtime. led Notification is designed for Android devices with AMOLED displays, transforming the screen into a blinking beacon for incoming notifications, offering a visually captivating way to receive alerts.

It is compatible with Android 8.0 or higher and has been praised for its user-friendly interface and ability to improve the functionality and enjoyment of everyday mobile interactions.

To troubleshoot common issues with the led Notification app, consider the following steps:

Check notification settings: Ensure that notification access permission is granted to the app and that the “Show on lock screen” permission is enabled in other settings

Disable battery optimization: Disable battery optimization for the led Notification  app to ensure it can function properly

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Enable AutoStart: For MIUI 11 devices, ensure that AutoStart is enabled in App Info

Disable ambient display: Disable ambient display and any other battery optimization for the app to prevent conflicts

Select apps for notifications: Choose the apps you want notifications for and assign a color to each

Check for updates: Regularly check for updates to the app, as developers may release fixes for known issues

Disable LED for the “Phone App”: Do not enable the LED for the “Phone App” to avoid interference with incoming calls

By following these steps, you can troubleshoot common issues with the led Notification  app and ensure it functions properly on your Android device.



finally I would like to say something about this application in this application you can easily read deleted messages from your front side I am using so many days it’s working

very good that’s why I am making post you also try it guys and share your friends members are everyone and also follow my Facebook Instagram YouTube also for future updates thank you guys.

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