Tamil Voice Keyboard App


Hi Guys Today we will about one of the best application in playstore Hi friends welcome back today will see one of the best application Play Store is surprising is very useful for making Text to voice Tamil Voice Keyboard App

like voice message you are sending messages to text format I can easily send long messages from to your friends and family it is very good application

I am using so many days it’s one of the best application I when I’m using so you also try it that’s.

How Its Work:

Go to your Play Store and search it Tamil type to speech and you will get so many result you can select one of the result from the tone otherwise

DOWNLOAD LINK -   WhatsApp Beta Join Link

I will below mission darling download link you can just click it and download the application through the link afternoon study or mobile Open that applications give this some permissions for the application to works new mobile


The best feature in mobile is just to talk and converted into text format suppose you’re using WhatsApp means you can send a message to French members

are lovers so you can send one smallest Osman bey easy suppositions very big maxims means it is readable to type at the time in this application very peaceful for you.


Just open the application after the You can select which language you want to speak I want to select from coming language rosy want any other language Tamil Voice Keyboard App

DOWNLOAD LINK -   Inyte App Caller Screen Photo

Mexican sultana language to handle It is ready to use in Donald from Play Store and will give the mention the link also you can just click that link

open the Play Store after they will get so many cells one of the list you can download from the application after that can easily find out which app you want to speaking Tamil language


Finally I would like to say something about this application is it is one of the best application I’m using so many days you also try it on live share your friends and family members.


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