Top 5 Android Apps 2021


Hi guys welcome back today we will talk about top 5 Android application in Play Store 2021 I will tell you everything these applications are very useful to everyone you guys try this applications below you will get more benefits if you are having Android mobile look like customization everything I will provide below just check it guys Top 5 Android Apps 2021.


  • 1. Calculator Vault App
  • 2. 4K Wallpaper App
  • 3. Volume Booster App
  • 4. Stylish Font App
  • 5. Hi Tech Circuit Launcher

Calculator Vault App:

Guys in this list first application we have to seal calculator vault this application to hide your photos videos documents whatever you want you can hide from gallery to others suppose your friends are opening your gallery you’re having your private photos it’s make some mistake right so you’re using this application means it says hide from gallery that photo to this application this application look like calculator nobody understanding what is this inside but you know very well it is a vault app to hide your photos videos everything

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4K Wallpaper App:

Guys in this list we have to see in second application is 4k wallpaper application this application use to to to change your home screen on the lock screen wallpapers to quality like 4K whatever you want you want to select the photos which photo you want to apply on your home screen and large screen you can select the photo and apply it your mobile compared to other persons it’s very pretty cool Top 5 Android Apps 2021.


Volume Booster App:

Guys in this list without using third application is volume booster this application is used for to increase your mobile volume with low sound to I sound if you are mobile having a low quality sound means by using this application you need to increase was found within one second you have to increase your sound on your smartphone suppose your friends planning was having a mobile with low quality sound just shared this application and increase the boost level you guys are getting very high sound compact to before

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Stylish Font App:

Guys in this list forth application is stylish font it is used for to send your friends family members to lovers WhatsApp messages by using different font style normally these guys are using normal faults but you are a unique person right so you need to install this application you have to change the font style on every messages they realize you are a gentleman you are a great like that whatever you want is type it and copy it and send it to your friends and I was there everyone inside that application different different styles are there around 50 plus font styles are inside application is there just check it guys


Hi Tech Circuit Launcher:

Guys v application is it is one of the mobile launcher it is a not an application it is a mobile launcher you guys are searching a perfect unique a mobile launcher it is always best to launcher by customizing on android mobile by look wise everything you guys I trying this launcher your friends family members are there they send your mobile means they looked pretty good because your smartphone look like flagship smartphone these launcher very good compared to other lunches inside that feature also so many things are there is just right guys what are the best mobile answer is this one look wise feature wise everything

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Guys finally I would like to say something about this top 5 Android applications this application is very useful to you guys just try guys I am using so many days this applications it is one best application day by day life that’s why I am making a post thank you.

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