WhatsApp Home Screen Wallpaper

WhatsApp Home Screen Wallpaper
WhatsApp Home Screen Wallpaper


Hi guys welcome back today we will talk about one of the best application in Play Store this application name is what scrap the name of WhatsApp Home Screen Wallpaper.

the application is it is used for to making full size photo in WhatsApp DP let’s start how to use what are the things there

How To Download:

I will provide a download link in end of this page is just click the link you can easily download that application application size is very less but the future is very more

if you are making full size photo as a profile photo in your WhatsApp means it is very difficult by the way you are using this application means we can easily set your WhatsApp profile photo as a full size photo hai tried so many times its working pretty good that’s why you’re making post you can also try guys


In This Application so many features are they giving one of the best future is to make a full size profile photo in WhatsApp if you are having very big size photo but if you need make a that photo to WhatsApp DP WhatsApp Home Screen Wallpaper

without cropping you can’t able to set your WhatsApp DP by the way you can using this application means without cropping you can use WhatsApp DP as a full size photo

amusing so many days it working pretty good that I am sharing you guys you can also try it and download the application below provide

the download link you can click that link you can directly download from Play Store the name of the application is what scrap it is one of the best application to make a full size photo as a profile photo thank you guys

How Its Work:

It is very simple to use just open the application and give the all the permissions and finally open the gallery which photo you want to make a profile photo

like a full size photo just select that photo it’s automatically converted into a circle if you wanted it means you can click the pencil WhatsApp Home Screen Wallpaper

I can I can make a shadow you can make a border are you can make also background blur it is a so many features they giving you can write one by one can easily make a full size profile photo for WhatsApp DP


finally I would like to say something about this application it is a one of the best application to make a full size profile photo as in WhatsApp in DP

I am trying so many applications sometime it is showing some errors but this application working pretty good I am using always this application

you can also try it and share your friends family members to everyone and also follow my Facebook YouTube Instagram everything thanks for watching guys

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