WhatsApp Web Download Apk


Hello guys welcome back today we will talk about one of the best topic WhatsApp web if you are using Android mobile WhatsApp applications

you can connect through WhatsApp web on your desktop or windows are anything you can connect your WhatsApp to WhatsApp by using QR codes.


I will provide download link in end of this page is just click that link is open to Play Store on install the application arising go to Play Store and make it search WhatsApp

you will get so many result in the result you can select first have and that page it just install the application


The main feature of this application is to connect your mobile to WhatsApp on your windows you can easily use both the devices like Android and windows is one of the best application

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to control the up WhatsApp on your WhatsApp on Ava Android and windows it is a one of the best method to connect your Android phone to windows desktop


it is working very fine just you can install it the application and open it click the WhatsApp web script that WhatsApp app after that he will get the scanning option by the way you can open your windows

go to Google Chrome search WhatsApp app you will get your own QR code scan that open to your mobile offer you will get a pop up now you will use both windows and Android

same WhatsApp messages everything you can easily find out friends and family members are groups anything you can do it but one disappointment is there is no option for making voice call and video call

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in that WhatsApp you can call means you can go to your Android mobile then only you can easily call to friends and family members to anyone one of the best application in Play Store I will provide a downloading in inductor page


finally I would like to say something about this application this application is main focus only to connect Android and windows both WhatsApp accounts are using two devices

basically can connect to your mobile with WhatsApp web is a trusted app you can download it from my link and use it thank you guys.


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