Designer Tools for Android

How To Install:

Guys today we will see one of the best application in Play Store name as designer tool in this application available in Play Store you can download it.

Install it and give the permission.

How To use:

once installed that application you just open and give the permission in this list we have several options Grid Overlay and mockup overlay & color picker you just click the mokeUp overlay

now we are seen for screen matches like density how much percentage you want.

you just make it through drag the line 0-200.

Designer Tools for Android Dongly Tech

I just make it a hundred and select ok now which photo you want you just select from your gallery now you can see this all the applications.

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supposes opening in Facebook that Facebook image also in and display.

what are the photos we visited this photo will be appearing on the screen

whatever photo you need to just make it you can change it from this designer tool app.

I can go disine ate to labs which photo I want to select is a select after that you can click save then the photo will appear on the screen.

through the mobile through the applications.

Designer Tools for Android

no need one by one you want to that just set 1 photo means it will be appear on the as phones everything.

we will be happy to hear it looked like you can set a home screen wallpaper in WhatsApp.

Meanwhile, You can set home screen wallpaper in Facebook whatever social media you are using this photo will appear is very useful application.

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I am using so long time that’s why I make a post.


Designer tools application having so many features like grid overlay and more cup overlay and colour picker.

these are the features available in be designer Tool application.



Finally Guys, I think you got some idea about the design and application in this application very little size only but the future is getting more.

I am using the so long time you are so using it and Mockup all applications through the mobile.

will see next Post with good informative ideas.

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