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Hi Guys Welcome Back Today we will talk about one of the best Application In Playstore. The name of the application Pika! Charging show – Charging Animation Apk Download Cool and smooth!!

Dozens of exquisite charging animations are carefully designed to make the picture smooth and delicate, and never drop frames! Reject the “PPT” type of picture, bring different feelings of charging

How To Download:

Guys below i will provided download link in end of the page Pika! Charging show – charging animation is automatically displayed. After connecting to the charging cable Charging Animation Apk Download,

there is no need to open the APP manually, and charging animation is immediately displayed on the phone screen. Come and have a try

How Its Work:

Its very simple to use Don’t worry about the memory! If you think there are too many animations in the software, you can also clean the cache in the software. Instead of uninstalling the APP or cleaning up in the background,

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it can be executed directly in the software. What are you waiting for? Download Pik! Charging show – charging animation and use it!


It will provide you with information such as notifications, clock, and will allow you to control your music while your device is charging; It supports fast charge, slow USB charge, and wireless battery charge.

🌟 Awesome Features 🌟

Always on display (AOD)
Fingerprint unlock
Edge lighting, vibration, pulse, or deactivation to notify you when battery is full
Battery charging animation
Works on any Android Device


Guys finally Edge Lighting will activate ONLY when your device is charging and will deactivate when the device is unplugged. No intrusive ads, no nonsense, just simply a unique charging animation experience. Our app is free and was designed to use 0% CPU, and low system resources Charging Animation Apk Download.

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