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Hi Guys Today we will discuss about one of the best browser I love this Duckduck Go app. It’s perfect for what I need it for! It pulls up older articles and links first and while some may find this annoying and outdated Duckduckgo Browser Download For Android.

it’s perfect for me. Imagine keying in keywords to help make sense of the new world order and articles from 7 even 8 years ago pop up, and speak to exactly what is happening now? And none of it is tracked by Google? This browser is my new home.

How To Download:

Download link end of this post and same time I use DuckDuckGo as my primary browser and greatly appreciate their commitment to privacy. However, this app only gets 4/5 stars because there are still some issues.

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The ‘back’ option often takes me further back than ‘one step’, and the ‘View Desktop’ option fails more often than not. Additionally, the browser is frequently very slow, and occasionally, the search page fails to load at all.

Even with these problems, I will continue to use DuckDuckGo.

How Its Work:

Can’t really tell I’m using a different browser (android). The search engine would get 4 stars because it’s obviously not as convenient as google but for 9 out of 10 searches it works just fine Duckduckgo Browser Download For Android.

Only use chrome or Google search if I can’t use duckduckgo. Y’all got something special here and I’ll continue to use it every day! Thanks for creating it!!


Tap Fire Button, Burn Data — clear all your tabs and browsing data with one tap.

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Escape Online Tracking — automatically block hidden third-party trackers we can find lurking on websites you visit, which stops the companies behind those trackers from collecting and selling your data.

Search Privately — our private search engine comes built-in so you can search the Internet without being tracked.

Enforce Encryption — force sites to use an encrypted (HTTPS) connection where available, protecting your data from prying eyes, like from unwanted snoopers and Internet service providers Duckduckgo Browser Download For Android.

Decode Privacy — each site you visit gets a Privacy Grade (A-F) so you can see how protected you are at a glance, and you can even dig into the details to see who we caught trying to track you.


I have been utilizing the DuckDuckGo App for several years now. The main reason I continue to use this App daily is because of the privacy feature it offers.

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Many American computer users needing to do Internet searches would switch without hesitation to DuckDuckGo, but most people do not know about it. However, it was only by chance that I heard about this App on a cable news program.

Continue doing the great work & not changing your platform. It’s the BEST!


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