GB WhatsApp Latest Version


hi guys will come back today we will talk about one of the best application for all users application name is GB WhatsApp this WhatsApp so many members are using let’s start what are the features are available in this WhatsApp I will tell you GB WhatsApp Latest Version.


I provide a download link in end of this post you just click that link you can easily download from the link otherwise you go to to play store search WhatsApp you can get the WhatsApp after installing this to open it and restore your mobile number everything


The best feature in this application is to change the voice to one person to another person like a male to female you can change the voice easily by using this application I am using so many days

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it’s working very pretty good that’s why I am post you are so try guys I can use it and share your friends family members to everyone Anmol future is hide chat and one more feature is last seen

hide you can chat with anyone without online showing like Afferent if you are text means if you are online status will be visible your whole time is one of the best feature


It is very easy to use if you are already using normal WhatsApp means you can easily understand that GB WhatsApp and features everything only different.

the small changes in themes and options and there giving so many features only one difference is theme support and hide chat and voice changer and freeze last seen so many features giving you are so great guys

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Finally I would like to say something about this GB WhatsApp this WhatsApp getting so many features you can try guys I want the best future is to change your voice to to another person.

like male-to-female are your voice to child voice whatever you want you to select it from the list you can easily convert your voice to that that list and share your friends and was really one.

if you don’t know how to use this application I will provide a YouTube link click that link you can WhatsApp video easily you can understand


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