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Hi friends will come back today will talk about one of the best application in Play Store the name of the application is WhatsApp it is not a normal WhatsApp it is a different WhatsApp is having so many features are there let started I will explain all the features in this post WhatsApp Latest Version Download.


How To Get:

I will provide a download in end of this post you can click that link you can easily download that WhatsApp you go to Google and search WhatsApp you will get so many result in the desert

I just click that fast Link that you need to download the walls of uninstall it and give some permissions to restore your own mobile number WhatsApp Latest Version Download

DOWNLOAD LINK -   Volume Booster Sound Booster


So many features are available inside the application like chat hide lock conversation and home screen wallpaper change different different themes inside the application so many features are available


you can easily modify the teams also you will get a clock style logo on home screen WhatsApp and also you have to change fonts means you can easily change the font style on your friends when you was chatting time it is one of the best feature and also you will get any update means you can directly they will notify you can easily update your WhatsApp.

How To Use:

It is very simple to use you can click that link you can download it and give some permissions to a robot EP for your mobile number after registration you need to load the theme

DOWNLOAD LINK -   One Shade Custom Notifications

I will provide the team also in this post we can download the XML file and also any two load them you will get Super theme on your WhatsApp if you want any modification means you can go to settings you need to whatever want you can easily change that link settings WhatsApp Latest Version Download.


Finally I would like to say something about this WhatsApp reason of the best WhatsApp for all the features including who ever want to call you hide chat


conversation lock and text to repeater home screen wallpaper so many features are available it is one of the best application you can download from this post thank you guys and also share your friends found in was to everyone.

DOWNLOAD LINK -   Cool Live Wallpapers Apk

WHATSAPP THEME – https://bit.ly/3wPkZJc

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