Find Location By Phone Number

Find Location By Phone Number Walloc – Auto-reply with your latest GPS location via WhatsApp on a specific WhatsApp message.

Note: This app needs to be installed on the target device.

Walloc can be used for several Reasons

Family Locator – Each family member can install the app, define a specific message via WhatsApp to which Walloc will automatically reply with the current location.

Phone Locator – Find your lost device from any device (laptops, iPhones, etc.) using WhatsApp.

Car Locator – If your car has a built-in Android system, you can install the app there, define a specific message and whenever you send that message, Walloc will reply via WhatsApp with the latest location.

Walloc returns the device’s location to a specific WhatsApp message you define and sends a location URL through WhatsApp that displays the device’s location on Google Maps.

  • Automatically provides location in a particular WhatsApp message
  • Provides device battery status and/or network signal quality with location (configurable).
  • Battery Friendly App – Does not consume battery power

It’s so simple you’ll be surprised

So why wait?

Find Location By Phone Number Find what you need with Walloc – GPS Locator for WhatsApp


  • Install the application on the device to be detected.
  • Open the app and create a message trigger that prompts the app to send the device’s last location via WhatsApp automatically.
  • Send a message to that device via WhatsApp and retrieve the location.

Frequently Asked Questions

I did all the steps, but I didn’t get any place through WhatsApp, why?

We recommend you check the following:

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1. Since the message trigger is case sensitive, make sure you send the same message to that device
2. When receiving a message through WhatsApp, the app reads the device’s notifications – Make sure the device is actually receiving WhatsApp notifications.
3. Make sure you have enabled all relevant app permissions like storage and location. You can check it by going to app permission settings from your android settings screen.

I get the message “space not found”, what to do?

Make sure you select Background location from Android settings to “Allow all the time” for the app so that it can receive location updates while running in the background.

I get the location back but it’s not accurate – is it possible to improve it?

As the app relies on the device’s last known location, it must send the most recent accurate location – if the location is not accurate, ensure that location is enabled

Find Location By Phone Number Tracking family members’ locations can be a sensitive topic that requires careful consideration of privacy, trust, and safety concerns. There are various applications available for this purpose, each offering different features and levels of functionality. In evaluating the best application for tracking family location, several factors need to be taken into account, including accuracy, ease of use, privacy settings, additional features, and compatibility across different devices. Below, I’ll discuss some of the top applications in this category, highlighting their key features and considerations:

  1. Life360: Life360 is one of the most popular family tracking applications available. It allows users to create private circles for their family members and provides real-time location updates. In addition to location tracking, Life360 offers features such as driving safety analysis, SOS alerts, and location history. However, some users have raised concerns about its battery usage and the accuracy of location data.
  1. Google Maps: Google Maps offers a feature called “Location Sharing,” which allows users to share their real-time location with family members. It’s integrated into the Google Maps app, making it convenient for users who are already familiar with the platform. Google Maps provides options for sharing location for a limited time or indefinitely, and users have control over who can see their location. However, it lacks some of the advanced features offered by dedicated family tracking apps.
  2. Apple Find My: For users in the Apple ecosystem, the Find My app provides a simple and effective way to track the location of family members who also use Apple devices. Find My allows users to share their location with family members and also helps locate lost or stolen Apple devices. It’s built into iOS devices, offering seamless integration and privacy features like end-to-end encryption.
  1. Family Locator by Life360: This is another application developed by Life360 specifically for family tracking purposes. It offers similar features to the main Life360 app but with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. Family Locator allows users to create private circles, view real-time location updates, and receive notifications for arrivals and departures. It’s designed to be user-friendly, making it suitable for families who want a straightforward tracking solution.
  2. Glympse: Glympse is a location-sharing app that allows users to share their real-time location with others temporarily. Users can set a timer for how long their location will be visible, providing a level of control over privacy. Glympse is known for its simplicity and versatility, making it suitable for various use cases beyond just tracking family members. However, it lacks some of the advanced features found in dedicated family tracking apps like Life360.
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In choosing the best application for tracking family location, it’s essential to consider the specific needs and preferences of your family. Factors such as privacy, ease of use, and additional features should be weighed carefully. It’s also important to have open communication with family members about the purpose and expectations surrounding location tracking to ensure everyone feels comfortable and respected. Ultimately, the best application is one that meets your family’s needs while prioritizing privacy and trust.

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