How To Increase Mobile Battery Life

Hi guys welcome back today we will see one of the best tips for your mobile battery life increasing so many people are searching this content.

How to increase mobile battery life today we will see in brief with my tips.


1.Mobile Status Bar
2.Live Wallpaper
3.Unwanted Apps
4.Battery saver Apps
5.Dark Mode
7.Lite Version Apps


In the mobile status bar, we have to change some small settings nothing that has to stitch off the Bluetooth Wi-Fi and GPS

when you need that time only you just turn on and if you are used it means just enough because.

I have it is always Ameen your most of the battery is considering this part so whenever you want to use that I’m used to it and

that Bluetooth GPS and Wi-Fi after that we just turn off all notification panel Wi-Fi Bluetooth and GPS.


Suppose you’re using very lowest mobile specifications the time in your mobile phone screen teaches you normal wallpaper

suppose you are using a live wallpaper means its maximum battery considering for this purpose.

always running in background mobile live wallpaper to most of the battery draining if you only show you just change live wallpaper into normal wallpaper

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If you are using normal of the woman’s battery will gain more it is helpful for saving your battery.

Unwanted Apps:

Next I will talk about unwanted apps when you are buying your mobile that I am very less that time more battery

not gaining that time mobile battery life is very good.

after that, you installing so many apps that are why battery drain will be fast so you can search this as if you want

that only you just have what are the app no need to just until it because.

I have more than attending as you are not using but I sometimes you studying for money app so which app

we want you just make it after that what are the apps displayed and select the tabs uninstall those apps.


Most of the people installed battery saver app but it’s not working properly because of this is the application not for your device ok

so you just Uninstalled those apps don’t worry.

that an all-new just remove that I am from your mobile battery saver app Dr Battery so many apps are available in Play Store.

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How To Increase Mobile Battery Life

don’t install it and if you are installed mean just installed both as if you are an installment it’s very good for your mobile and also battery draining very less and also increase your battery life.


Best idea for increasing battery life adjusting the setting like mood to dark mode is changing dark mode means your battery percentage will super.

good battery life is usually will increasing because most of the nobles

now having dark mode so you just choose from a Play Store apps.

available dark mode as just installed it and is for dark mode iOS using their appointments and it is very good idea

for increasing your mobile battery life.


Guys in your mobile when you are buying that time with charger the giving you just you that only don’t use another mobile

charges because of your particular mobile they give some voltages with suitable charges.

How To Increase Mobile Battery Life

for your mobile if there was another mobile charger means it is very bad because I have most of the charger now coming fast charging

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but your mobile is not supporting fast charging

If you are using a 65-watt fast charger means it is very difficult to charging phones under so it is please use your phone mobile charger

but what is the charger is giving your mobile you just use it.

Lite Version Apps:

Guys please you Elite version Apps are using a higher version app means it will if more battery so that’s why we are using light

which means the background running as also is very less.

so that I am saying please you slight variation as what are the apps in Play Store just circuit and download and use it

that is a good process for increasing mobile battery.


Guys today we listened how to increase mobile battery life from any tips or just you seek and also share your front for this post

because of their do you know how to improve mobile battery life is just share from your side we will see next to the post thanks for watching guys.

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