How To Solve Mobile Hanging Problem Tamil


Guys hello guys welcome back today we will talk about one of the mobile tips how to solve the mobile hanging problem in Tamil Guys I have so many tips for your mobile hanging issue How to resolve this issue we will discuss more let’s go.


Ram first you need to clear that I am because of you are using so many applications in background whenever your used in finally is it clear that Ram.

How To Solve Mobile Hanging Problem Tamil

because of its running in the background the time which mobile was hanging that’s why I am saying this place that I am on every usage and your mobile.

Background Apps:

whenever you open some applications that time after usage is running in background mode ok so you can close the all the background app by using Task Manager.

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it just won the task manager what are the apps in running in the background is a stop at everything and clear the cache manager that sell it is very useful.

Live Wallpaper:

Suppose you are using live wallpaper in your mobile means it is also problem for hanging so you can change it from live wallpaper to normal Wallpaper.

then only it is a very good idea for solving the mobile issue.

Data Transfer

Data transfer is the one of the best ideas for resolving mobile hanging problem because that in your internal storage memory is very low that I am you are saying so many the data in your internal storage.

How To Solve Mobile Hanging Problem Tamil

means it’s also having if that’s why you are data will be transferred to your SD card then it is fine I just move to your data to SD card it is very easy and also it is the best way to resolving the hanging issues.

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Guys pin number using internet by using browser that I will do to open Somani tab because of your open toe so many times was also running in background for your mobile

so you can use one or two tabs are remaining tab you should be closed with every work done disclose all remaining tabs with just open only one steps maximum use two tabs don’t open so many tabs in your browser

Unwanted Apps:

Please Uninstall unwanted apps in your mobile because of if you are installing Somani apps means it’s all are running in background.

whenever using mobile that time it’s running in the background whenever you are using that are also it at the time is running in background so you can Uninstall these apps.

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In your mobile always cache should be cleared ok because of a new mobile so many Apps Running into your mobile.

they have created Cache so you should clear all the time when its build if and clearing means it is resolving ideas for the mobile hanging problems.

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