Portronics Dynamo Bluetooth Speaker


Hi Guys welcome back today we will talk about one of the best Bluetooth Speaker in Portronics brand lets see what are the features they give and what about the price of this Bluetooth speaker.






5.Inbuilt Mic


Hello guys welcome back today we will talk about one of the best Bluetooth speaker under 2000 rupees that start with design

the design of the bluetooth speaker very good it’s having multiple functions and features are available.

cool and come back to look solid and stable shape in black colour goes

well with stylish metallic acrylic its weight around 266 gram only

it has water-resistant and dust type body it is protected against splashing

and light rain but should not be immersed in water

it is very stable even if you are increasing low volume to higher voltage

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finally the size for the bluetooth speaker very good and compact size


Guys next thing battery it’s coming around 2000 MH battery it’s playing up to 12 hour long play time the powerful 2008

lithium-ion battery can play music and more than 10 to 12 hours on a single recharge if you are recharge one time.

Portronics Dynamo Bluetooth Speaker

its play upto 10 to 12 hour because it is having a huge amount of battery 2000mAh


Guys in this bluetooth speaker is having inbuilt USB and FM music options get your playlist in a pendrive just plug it and play

when you get bored half your playlist you can switch into the your favourite yeppam speaking with a click of a button all the control buttons are placed half easy access

it support pendrive FM radio and multiple functions and features are available in the bluetooth speaker

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Guys next party sound actually the sound quality of this bluetooth speaker very clear and relax base dynamo as powerful 5 W

in speaker with tuned amplifiers to offer unbelievable sound

its output is very clear and Super Bass relaxing base and make Rangers you can see sleeper.

Portronics Dynamo Bluetooth Speaker

to of this using tws to make true wireless studio it support latest Bluetooth version 5.0 this bluetooth speaker 5W sound output


Guys In this bluetooth speaker it’s coming with inbuilt mic by

the way this mike will be used for suppose you getting call that time you can use this bluetooth

speaker Aise mobile like within the Bluetooth speaker having inbuilt mic in sensitive microphone and powerful

Portronics Dynamo Bluetooth Speaker

speakers easily take phone calls and conference call everything it can be used because of this bluetooth speaker having inbuilt mic

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Finally this dynamo has powerful 5 word in a speaker with amplifier and clear sound output relaxing base and meet Rangers

you can as easily bhatu of this using TWRP Tu make Glu Ala studio enjoy

your trip on smartphone tablet laptop it support around bluetooth file Axe cable no Bluetooth no problem

also it is speakerphone having a 2000 mAh battery. This bluetooth speaker up to play 10 to 12 hours

on a single recharge this bluetooth speaker solid and stable shape it coming to 6 gram only you can play songs for pendrive

suppose you’re getting bore that I am you can see Chintu FM more with a click single click button all control buttons are placed far is access

finally the rate of this bluetooth speaker is Rs.1249 only.

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