Touch Lock Screen App

The description of Touch Lock Screen App:

Hi Guys today we will discuss about one of the best Android application. The name of the Application is Touch Lock Screen by the way I am using so many days this app. The apps working superb and the main future is Lock screen. Suppose your friends and family members anyone open your mobile the got confusion because of in this application lot of future, We will discuss about what are the futures and how to use this application let start.

How Its Work:

Guys its very simple to download go to Google Google play tore and search it Touch Lock Screen App once you got so many result please click the 1st link of the result. After that make it install on your phone the size of the applications is very low no need more data just install it.

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Guys in this applications so many features are there i will tell you one by one after that we will discuss one by one in detail format.

1.Lock Screen Wallpaper

2.Lock Type

3.Advance Security

Lock Screen Wallpaper:

They give cool future on lock screen page we need to set a photo from gallery which photo you want just select it and make a crop then give submit now the photo has been Applied on lock screen page. If you need change a photo you just select a nw photo from gallery and make it confirm.

Lock Type:

Guys this application provide cool futures on lock types, the major feature of this application by the way you can select a lock on your photo where ever you touch on the photo that is the lock of your Clock screen. Suppose you touch on face of the photos 3 times then renter the password again finally the password has been applied on your Lock screen.

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Advance Security:

Guys you can select your photos on your lock screen after that it will asking whether your password has been forgot the you make a pattern lock or else which one want to add a addition locks. and also your photos all are safe and secure that is the major features of this application.


Guys Today we seen about one of the superb application ever beast screen lock for your android mobile

after using you can make a comment below whether its working or not.

we will see next post if you need any other topics make a comment we will post after that thank you guys.

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