Top 7 Features Of MIUI 12


Guys today we will discuss MIUI 12 Updates and features actually Xiaomi MIUI 12 Android-based custom skin is officially announced.

The software’s still Android 10 but users in a Top of features, UI, and performance improvements. This includes real-time colors, real-time blur, smoother animations, new privacy settings, and health features.

I have collected so many details about MIUI 12 let’s see what they give.


  1. Dark Mode 2.0
  2. Super Wallpaper
  3. New Animation & Gesture
  4. Strong Privacy
  5. Floating Window
  6. Health & Fitness Feature
  7. Application UI Update


Hi guys MIUI 12 first update dark mode if it’s like completely mobile dark mode is enabled. turn on the that moment each

and every application letter should be converted into normal light vision to dark moon mission complete full mobile has been that motivation is available so it comes to dark mode 2.0.

Top 7 Features Of MIUI 12

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Super wallpaper giving Somani live wallpaper like moon so many wallpapers Academy if you are applying this wallpaper Winslet like a natural animated wallpaper

nobody will give this wallpaper for free mobile so it is very good future in this mobile is very good update for this mobile it just take it more on your Google


Animation part begins from any update before MI 11:12 the Giving less animation features but in this update

so many animations are available if you are using applications using dial pad anything in the sitting also there animation will be too many options they give


Privacy is taking so many happy he was data and liver everything personal data they are every security and very privately

Top 7 Features Of MIUI 12

they will maintaining and they will give so many updates regarding the privacy and features

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Another feature is floating window If you are using any file manager any setting floating with also if their suppose You’re watching

any videos gifting YouTube that the time the floating window is very

useful for the time I just using your mobile and

at the same time you watch that video also it is a good teacher for

floating window it is a very advantage of Miui12


Health and fitness birthday gift so many actresses actually if you’re walking how much kilometres how much Walking Street

If here without you are using a Smartwatch you can use your mobile as a health monitor tracker like how much height how much weight

you have how much calories burn how much sleeping time we have

like that if you’re walking around the answer steps means it’s also calculated it’s finally they give the result what is the today

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health and fitness tracking that sell the features of health and fitness


App UI interface reduce so many features If you are using app means like ok the popup window and the suppose

you are for taking any files need automatically.

player and also if you are calling any fake call they will reply automatically and also incoming outgoing

call will be pick up automatically MI 4 options so many features are there are custom text after my voice recognition

so many features are giving in the MIUI 12


Guys today we seen the about MI 12 update and features

I think it is very useful for you guys so we will see next post if you have any comments.

if you have any doubt make it comment and share your friends and family members thanks for this post guys.

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