WhatsCrop Application Free Download


Guys today we will see about WhatsCrop Application APK Download this is one of the best application in Play Store so many persons using this application WhatsCrop Application APK Download.

The main concept of this application is without cropping your photo you can set you can use your WhatsApp profile picture let’s see how to use what are the features are there we will see in detail view.

How Its Work:

You just open your Play Store in Play Store about just search it on what crap we will get some result.

it open first application this application size is very less 6.2 MB only just install and open give the permission.


This application has so many features like profile photo and crop and also automatic resizing your photos.

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Then a manual adjustment in size and rotations you can select your photo from your albums gallery and also take photos from the camera WhatsCrop Application Free Download.

WhatsCrop Application Features

Controlling of image rotation you can choose background color also you can select wallpaper for the background of the image you can put any pictures inside the circle.

The profile picture you can get better image quality This App having around 156 background images and that is export of growing inside the applications.

How to Use:

Is very simple just open this application and select your photo in which photo you want to make a word WhatsApp profile picture this select it and automatically WhatsCrop Application APK Download.

It will receive your photo with Uncropped. if you want any background you can use it and also if you want any photo frames.

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WhatsCrop Application Features Dongly Tech

We just add and you will find out the shared I can just take an equal then it automatically opens the WhatsApp .

you just have done all the steps WhatsCrop Application Free Download.

We will get the final result WhatsApp profile photos full size with uncropped photo with automatically Set on WhatsApp.


I think you will get some idea about how to set photo full size photo in WhatsApp profile photo this application.

very useful for everyone you can use it another word for friends we will see next Post with goat information.


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